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Escort Service and Call Girls

Escort Service Cologne – for the men among us who know exactly what they want!
When it comes to girls, it’s not just about looks, but also absolute quality. If you have high expectations, then chances are you will never find the perfect girl for you. And if you have little time, then you may not have enough time to even look for a girl in the first place. Men who know what they want want it immediately. We at Escort Service Cologne know how difficult it is to find the perfect woman to get intimate with when your schedule is full of appointments, and that’s why we are here to help. The escorts that we offer are not only there for you to experience some erotic time, but also for rather upscale entertainment at public, cultural and corporate events.

Satisfaction, discretion and first-class service are our main goals

We exclusively provide independent escort ladies, all of which would be very happy to escort you to a romantic dinner over a bottle of wine, a business trip such as to an exhibition fair, a cultural event taking place in the area, or simply just a discreet hotel visit for a sensual journey behind closed doors. Attractiveness, an extensive general knowledge, as well as style and charm characterise our call girls. They are all reliable, gentle and, of course, discreet. It is self-explanatory to all of our girls that they are on time at the agreed time and date.

Your wishes and wants always have top priority with us at Escort Service Cologne, and any and all of them will be discreetly implemented by our ladies. The success of our escort agency is based on the enthusiasm and countless positive feedback that we have received by our many satisfied customers.

Special escort girls for special occasions

It is true that there are lots of beautiful escort models in Cologne – but only a few have that certain something. When selecting the ladies that we can offer you, we take certain things into consideration: your model has to have a certain degree of intelligence and intellect, generally being above-average in both, so that you can have intellectual conversations with her regardless of what topic you may discuss. And, of course, she knows what to do behind closed doors under the bed covers, too, if that’s what you are looking for.

We know every one of our ladies personally, so we can help you select an escort and arrange the date according to your wishes and preferences. As long as you choose Escort Service Cologne, then we can guarantee that every choice is a good choice. The question is what kind of girl you like? Do you want a cute student visiting you at your home after a lecture? Or perhaps a hot secretary visiting you at the end of the evening for more than just a drink at the hotel bar? Or maybe you would prefer the art-loving accompaniment, with the extra touch of an elegant evening dress? All of the charming ladies at Escort Service Cologne are independent women that can’t be compared to any others, but they will also dress appropriately for the occasion – they are not only eager to meet you in your office for some eroticising moments, but they will also accompany you during an evening company event. They are also ready to provide you with an unforgettable sensual adventure in your hotel room, and perhaps a lesson or two in yours or her apartment.

Escort Service with various types of escorts

Whether you prefer the cute “girl next door”, a stunning escort model, or a more experienced woman: let us know what kind of lady you like and what is really important to you. Then we can respond to your wishes and we can recommend which girl we know will inspire you. If you would prefer to take a look at all of our ladies yourself, then feel free to do so and choose which one you think would suit you best. If you have any questions about any of our escorts or call-girls, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

We know that you sometimes don’t have much time to sort things out, so we strive to give you an uncomplicated communication and booking. We make sure that the booking process is as convenient as possible for you, and we will also give you tips for places to go if you fancy exploring the city you are in a little bit more. If you are still not sure what you would like to do with your escort or where you would like to go with her, then take a look at our website’s guidebook in every city. There you will find several restaurants and hotels that have been tried and tested for you, so we can highly recommend them. Our escort service can also provide you with details about current events happening in the area, and we can book theatre tickets for you to save you time. If you perhaps have a special idea or would like to book a hotel in the area, then we are also very happy to help.

100% real escort information at Escort Service Cologne

With the help of our escort service, you will be able to pass on bitter disappointments and manipulated photos of escorts. Instead, you can look forward to girls that look like what they do in the photos on their webpage. Decide in advance which gorgeous model you would like to spend some time with and take a look at our online gallery, which we often maintain and keep up to date. There, you will also find all the relevant information that you are keen to find out, from where our girls originally come from, their age, as well as their sexual preferences. Besides their manners and stylish appearance, knowledge of foreign languages is also something some of our escort girls have, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to speak German.

Escort Service provides sensual moments in hotels

If you want one of our beautiful escorts to come and visit you in your luxurious hotel in Cologne or another city, then, after you have chosen which girl that would be, give us a call and tell us the name of the girl you have chosen and how long you would like to spend with her. We also need to know the name of the hotel, your room number and your first name or surname. We will then call you back on the phone in your room to confirm your date, and then your chosen girl will be on her way and should be with you within 30-60 minutes.

Escort Service Cologne, for home or office visits

Perhaps you are sitting at home alone and fancy a sexy escort to help you in many ways? Or maybe you’re still at the office and are just about to finally finish that last piece of the work for the day, and you need a bit of relief with a sexy girl? In these cases, our escorts are willing to come and see you at home or at your office. You just need to call us and tell us her name and how long your date should last, as well as your name (or the name your model will find on the doorbell), the address of the property and a landline number. We will then call you back on the landline number to confirm your date. If you don’t have a landline number, then we can also accept a utility bill from the property (such as telephone or electricity) – this is just so that we can be sure our call-girl is safe.

Payment methods on our Escort Service

For cash payments, our escorts only accept euros or American dollars. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to pay by cash, particularly if you want to pay with any other currency. When you meet up with your model, we ask that you pay her within the first 5 minutes – then, you can relax and enjoy the time with her. If you want to pay by credit card, then please tell us this at the time of booking. Please note that card payments are subject to a 10%-15% surcharge, and we also sometimes need some form of proof of identification, such as a passport or driving license. You can also pay with your credit card or debit card online.

Our escort service is not limited to Cologne

Our beautiful girls are also available to accompany you outside of Cologne, too. All of them are happy to come and visit you in cities such as Duesseldorf, Bonn, Aachen, Leverkusen, Frechen, Dormagen, Bergisch Gladbach, Dueren, Langenfeld, Mettmann or Neuss. Here is a list of some of the cities our girls can come and visit you in:

Escort Cologne

As Germany’s fourth biggest city, Cologne is the perfect place for a business meeting with its well-known exhibition fair grounds right near the city centre. Not only that, but it’s a perfect city for tourists – from the famous Cologne Cathedral to the beautiful old town, it’s a great place to come to for a weekend break. Many of our escorts live in and nearby to Cologne, and some of them even offer in-calls, so you can go and visit them in their apartment to make your business or tourist trip a whole lot sweeter. Read more about Escort Service Cologne …..

Escort Bonn

Although the former capital of the federal republic of Germany may not come across as the most exciting place at a first glance, there are actually lots of ways to experience something special in Bonn. You have a huge choice of museums, theatres, galleries and events, all of which are truly unique. Get in touch with us and we can help you find the perfect escort who matches your needs, and we can also help you find and choose a hotel, restaurant or bar where you can spend some time with a cute escort. Read more about Escort Service Bonn …..

Escort Duesseldorf

You will find that a lot of our escorts live in Duesseldorf itself, meaning there won’t be any extra travel costs for a lot of our girls if you are also in the area. This wonderful city, the capital of Northrhine-Westphalia, is where our escort service all began, so our friendly team can give you lots of insider tips on fancy hotels, fantastic bars, nice restaurants, and also what kind of nightlife Duesseldorf has to offer. Call us to book an erotic adventure with the girl of your dreams in Duesseldorf now! Read more about Escort Service Duesseldorf …..

Escort Leverkusen

Leverkusen, where the river Wupper meets the river Rhine, is a quaint place where you can experience a lot of fun things with the escort of your choice. By that, we don’t necessarily just mean an erotic adventure – Leverkusen has a lot to offer in terms of theatres and galleries. Why not visit one with a beautiful model? She will be very happy to come along with you and have some intellectual conversations about the play you see in the theatre or the art you see in the galleries – because escort service isn’t just about going out for a nice meal. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us to book your escort date now! Read more about Escort Servive Leverkusen …..

Escort Dueren

Dueren is a quaint town located between Cologne and Aachen. Though it may seem small at first, you’ll actually be surprised at what this wonderful town has to offer. From luxurious hotels to crazy club nights, you have everything you need to have a good time with a beautiful woman right by your side – there are even some shopping opportunities for those who prefer something a little downbeat. Get in touch with us now to book the escort of your dreams in Dueren! Read more about Escort Service Dueren …..

Escort Bergisch Gladbach

Are you looking for a great time in Bergisch Gladbach? Then look no further! Bergisch Gladbach has over 100,000 citizens living there, meaning it’s a great town to meet lots of people, without the feeling of being in a huge city. And our sexy escorts are ready to show you around this beautiful town, so maybe you could show them round your hotel room afterwards… Call us now to get your sensual date booked with one of our escorts! Read more about Escort Service Bergisch Gladbach …..

Escort Frechen

Frechen is a small town perfect for those who want to escape the busy life in a big city. However, this doesn’t mean that Frechen is boring – with its many wonderful restaurants and bars, you can have the perfect time with one of our escorts here, regardless of whether you choose to visit one of Frechen’s localities, or just decide to stay in your hotel room for a bit of intensive fun. Read more about Escort Service Frechen …..

Escort Neuss

Neuss is a very special city due to its traditional marksmen’s festival (Bürger-Schützenfest), where you can enjoy some of the local food and drink with a sexy girl by your side. Not only that, but did you know that Neuss is also one of the oldest cities in Germany? It has a history of over 2000 years, so you can enjoy a beautiful historical city whilst having a great time with one of our beautiful escorts. We can also set you up a date with two of Neuss’ sexy escorts – just give us a call and we can discuss further details. Read more about Escort Service Neuss …..

Escort Dormagen

Located between the huge cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf, Dormagen is perfect for those who prefer quieter areas of the world, whilst still having the opportunity of getting to a big city quickly. Our Dormagen escorts can’t wait to meet you and show you round this small town – so get in touch with us now to book a date with one of them! Read more about Escort Service Dormagen…..

Escort Mettmann

If you are in Mettmann and are looking for a discreet visit from a beautiful girl, then Escort Service Mettmann is the perfect choice for you. The city, found close to the state capital of Duesseldorf, is what Germans would call “klein aber fine”: literally, “small, but fine”. By that they mean that it may be a somewhat smaller town, but that doesn’t mean you will get bored here as it has everything you need for an exciting date with one of our escorts! Get in touch with us today to get your date booked, and we can also help you with finding a hotel, restaurant, bar and more! Read more Escort Mettmann…..

Escort Langenfeld

Our sexy escorts in Langenfeld will convince you immediately that you have made the right choice with them when it comes to escort services. Get ready to paint the town red and have the adventure of a lifetime with a beautiful escort right by your side! Just give us a call today to get your sexy escort booked. Read more about Escort Service Langenfeld …..

Contact our Escort Service

Once you are ready to book the time of your life with us, then you need to call us on +49 (0)1577-2445232. If you would like to book a same-day appointment, then we recommend this method, so that we can make sure your date is confirmed without any hesitations. For those who have a bit more time, you can also contact us via Whatsapp, or you can send us an email at Our friendly team, who can speak English, German, Russian, Spanish and Italian, are available 11am-3am on Mondays to Saturdays, and 11am-1am on Sundays. We are also very happy to give you recommendations on hotels, restaurants and more of the city you are in, and we can also advise you on our escort girls. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now to book the time of your life!