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Escort Service Bergisch Gladbach

Visiting Bergisch Gladbach? Want a bit of one-on-one fun with one of the beautiful local Bergisch Gladbach escorts? Then you have found the correct website! Escort Service Bergisch Gladbach can offer you some of the most beautiful escorts in Bergisch Gladbach. We have many hot girls to choose from – just take a look on our website at each girl’s page. We know that you will find the escort of your dreams for your trip to Bergisch Gladbach with us.

Top Escorts and Call Girls at reasonable prices

Our Escort Agency offers the best quality escort service in Bergisch Gladbach, and we have the most reasonable prices meaning you can stay within your budget whilst having fun with a hot girl. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our many customers, who have said they were very satisfied with what we offer, including the coordination between them, our sexy escorts and us. So you will not be disappointed with us and our escorts.

All of our sexy Bergisch Gladbach escorts are genuine and honest, and they are looking forward to going on a sensual and erotic adventure with you. Regardless of whether you want to spend a steamy night in your hotel room, or in a restaurant over a bottle of wine or two, or even a trip to a museum, our escorts are ready to have a good time with you.

Escort Bergisch Gladbach : The choice is yours

When you take a look at the variety of escorts and call girls we have on offer, you’ll realise straight away that it’s not going to be easy to choose one of them. There are many questions you have to ask yourself: busty blonde? Tall brunette? Spanish speaker? A girl with whom you can have an intellectual chat? You will be spoilt for choice, that’s for sure! But, regardless of the kind of girl you are looking for, we are certain that you will find the girl of your dreams with us at Escort Service Bergisch Gladbach.

So take a look at the different pages of our escorts. On each page, you will find lots of different pieces of information about each escort girl, including their eye colour, their favourite perfume, and, of course, what kind of sexual preferences they have.

Escorts for hotel and private home visits

Looking for a great time in Bergisch Gladbach? Our escorts are looking for the same with you. Each of our gorgeous Bergisch Gladbach escorts are ready to do lots of things with you – from going to the cinema, going dancing in a club, having an exquisite meal in a posh restaurant, or even spend some special erotic time behind closed doors in your hotel room or at your home or office. When we have confirmed your date with your chosen escort Bergisch Gladbach, our girl will make her way to you and, depending on where she is coming from, will be with you within just 30-60 minutes.

Once you have finally made the difficult decision of which escort Bergisch Gladbach you would like to spend some special time with, then you need to give us a call on +49 (0)1577-2445232 or send us an email at If you are very keen and would like to book your escort for the same-day, then we would prefer if you contact us by phone, so that we can make sure that your date is confirmed without any possible hesitations that communication by email may cause. You can contact us from 11 in the morning till 3 in the morning every day, and 11 in the morning till 1 in the morning on Sundays. If English isn’t your best language, then don’t worry – we can also take calls and answer emails in German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Discreet service from Escort Bergisch Gladbach

We know that you want your date with a sexy escort Bergisch Gladbach to be discreet – that’s why it’s our little secret. If you want a gorgeous girl to visit you in your hotel, then she will make her way straight to you and she will not talk to any of the reception staff in your hotel on her way. If you’re at home or in your office, then your chosen escort will get out of the taxi around the corner from the property, or she will park her car around the corner – avoiding the chance of anybody noticing her right in front of your home or office! So you don’t need to worry when it comes to privacy, because all of our escorts know that privacy and discretion is very important.

Home visits and office visits in Bergisch Gladbach

Fancy having a visit from a sensual escort Bergisch Gladbach in your own home? Or perhaps you’re still in the office and need some relief after a long hard day at work? Then our escort girls are very happy to come and visit you in these private locations. When you call us, give us the following information: your first name or surname, or the name that is found on the doorbell of the property you are in, the address of the property and the landline of the property. After you have given us all of the necessary information, we will call you back on the landline number you have given us to confirm your escort date – then, your choice of sexy escort Bergisch Gladbach will be on her way! We also accept a copy of a utility bill or the property, such as electricity of telephone, for those who don’t have a landline number. This is just to make sure that our girls are safe.

Escort Bergisch Gladbach offer Hotel visits

If your stay in Bergisch Gladbach is only temporary, then you will no doubt want to stay in one of its hotels. If you want one of our sexy escorts to visit you in your hotel room, then just call us and tell us the following: the name of the hotel you are staying in and your room number, along with your first name or last name. In addition, we need to know the name of our escort who has taken your fancy, along with the amount of time you would like her to spend with you. We will then use the phone in your hotel room to call you back and thus confirm your date. After that has been done, then you should get ready because your choice of GFE escort Bergisch Gladbach will be on her way and should be with you within half an hour to an hour.

Escort Bergisch Gladbach : hotel recommendations

Here we have put together a small list of hotels that we can recommend to you in Bergisch Gladbach:

Hotel Althoff Schloss Benberg

Althoff Schloss Benberg (Kadettenstraße, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach) is an absolutely fantastic hotel and is perfect for those on a business trip, a city break or those who are looking for a wellness weekend. The hotel consists of 120 magnificent rooms and luxurious suites, so why not treat yourself to one of the deluxe rooms, or a Dom Suite to have a gorgeous few of the Rhine Valley and the Cologne Cathedral? The hotel also has a spa and offers luxury spa massages – a good way to get nice and warm next to the private escort Bergisch Gladbach of your choice, before you both head up to your luxurious suite for a bit of private time.

Hotel Malerwinkel

Malerwinkel Hotel (Burggraben 6, Am Rathaus, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach, Bensburg) is located in Bensburg, just 4km away from the city centre of Bergisch-Gladbach. With its picturesque tudor-style houses, it is the perfect hotel for those who want to get out of big, busy cities and spend a bit of time in the countryside. The hotel actually consists of three buildings in total and offers 35 rooms. There is also a direct train connection to Cologne nearby, meaning any escorts that you hire won’t need a long time to get to you! There are various spa arrangements you can choose from to relief yourself from a stressful day – or you could just ask your blonde escort Bergisch Gladbach to kindly relieve the stress for you in your hotel room, of course.

Hotel Refrather Hof

Hotel Refrather Hof (Dolmanstraße 25, 51427 Bergisch Gladbach) is a quaint 3-star hotel also located in Bensberg. It is most certainly found in a quiet area, meaning it is perfect for those who want a bit of peace and quiet, perhaps after a hard day’s work or busy day exploring. The hotel offers a wonderful breakfast buffet – a great start to any day – and a great start to the day after a night of passion behind closed doors with the charming escort Bergisch Gladbach of your choice.

Take your escort Bergisch Gladbach out for dinner

Why not start the night off with a trip to a fancy restaurant with the escort of your dreams? That will surely get both of your in a good mood, ready to dance the night away in a club, or something else a little more private back at your hotel. We have put together a small list of restaurant recommendations for you and hope it will come in handy for you when deciding where to wine and dine your sexy escort Bergisch Gladbach:

Restaurant Vendôme

Restaurant Vendôme (Kadettenstraße, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach) can be found in the Althoff Schloss Benberg Hotel, as described above. That makes it a perfect choice for you and your elegant escort Bergisch Gladbach if you don’t want to travel far away from the hotel, or have a long way back to your hotel room for a bit of sexy time behind closed doors. The restaurant has been awarded 3 Michelin stars, as well as several other awards, which is a good sign that this place is a good place for you to spend dinner in with a beautiful girl. Restaurant Vendôme offers the most exquisite gourmet food. The head chef, Joachim Wissler, has been working at the restaurant since the year 2000 and has won many awards himself. The restaurant offers various options – from gourmet 4-course lunches to seasonal 8-course and even 10-course menus. You are sure to be taken on an exclusive culinary expedition if you choose to dine here, and we are sure that the escort girl of your choice will happily repay you with some action behind closed doors later on. Don’t forget to use your “Do not disturb” sign!

Restaurant Dröppelminna

Restaurant Dröppelminna (Herrenstrunden 3, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach) is to the northeast of Bergisch Gladbach and can be reached very easily by car on the Autobahn. The restaurant has a very unique atmosphere, with its wonderful decorations and its open kitchen. All of their meals are prepared with fresh herbs, and they don’t offer soft drinks – instead, they offer freshly made lemonade, natural juices and even the apple juice comes from the farm nearby! Restaurant Dröppelminna is truly something special and a perfect place to get down to earth with a beautiful escort model by your side. The restaurant offers a variety of menus, such as 4-course and 6-course meals. There are also vegetarian options, as well as delicious desserts, freshly made coffees and more. Restaurant Dröppelminna is the perfect place to go if you are looking for somewhere out of the city and away from the crowds to have some quiet one-to-one time with a beautiful escort Bergisch Gladbach.

Restaurant Osteria del Corso

Osteria del Corso (Odenthaler Str. 210, 51467 Bergisch Gladbach), as you can tell by the name, is an Italian restaurant, and it is located to the north of Bergisch Gladbach. It is open every day apart from Tuesday, and it offers a wonderful atmosphere. From soups to antipastis, salads to pasta, pizzas to meat dishes, there is something for everyone. Why not treat yourself and your mature escort Bergisch Gladbach to a bottle of wine or two? That will get the conversation flowing, and surely also get you both flowing back to your hotel room to end the night with some special one-on-one time behind closed doors.

Nightlife with Escort Bergisch Gladbach

Fancy something less casual than dinner in a posh restaurant? Then you need to go to one of Bergisch Gladbach’s bars. Or perhaps you fancy somewhere where you and your sexy escort can both let your hair down and party the night away? Here is a list of our recommendations:

Quirl’s Bar

Quirl’s Drinks & Food (Hauptstraße 264, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach) is a good choice for those looking for a bar come restaurant. It not only offers a large variety of tasty drinks, but it also has a food menu for those a little peckish – from smaller things such as a side of fries or nachos, to something a little more filling, such as burgers and chili con carne. So if you don’t fancy going to an overly posh restaurant, then Quirl’s Drinks & Food is the perfect choice for you. We are sure that you and your chosen discreet escort will have a wonderful time here, regardless of what you decide to do afterwards.

Nasch Bar

Nasch Bar (Hauptstraße 164b, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach) is a specialised Spanish bar that offers a variety of tapas and other small nibbles. Not only that, you can enjoy delicious wines and some extraordinary cocktails, meaning both you and your escort girl will no doubt be happy if you choose to spend the evening here. Not only that, but on certain nights the bar becomes a club where you can dance the night away with your gorgeous girl by your side, up until the sun rises the next day. Don’t be surprised if you get some envious looks from local men as you dance up, close and personal to the woman of your dreams – if you get annoyed with the envious glances, you can always go back to your hotel with your owo escort and carry on the party there.

Shopping with escort Bergisch Gladbach

Would you rather do something with your choice of sexy escort that doesn’t involve food and drink? Perhaps you could look up what’s on at the cinema or see what exhibitions are currently being held in local museums? Other than that, we can also recommend a shopping trip with one of our beautiful models. Here is a list of a couple of recommendations from us of shopping locations in or near Bergisch Gladbach:

Rheinberg Galerie (Hauptstraße 131, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach) is located in the city centre of Bergisch Gladbach, so you don’t need to take any trains or buses if you are already here (though there are, of course, possibilities if need be). Rheinberg Galerie boasts a wide variety of shops, from clothes shops to jewellery shops. Not only that, but there are also some cafes and restaurants for those who want to sit down during or after a hard day shopping. Why not go here in advance of your date and buy your chosen escort’s favourite perfume for her (which can be found on her page)? She will be over the moon with the gesture, and will most definitely pay you back in any way she can – but we’ll leave that up to you.

If you would like to temporarily leave Bergisch Gladbach and explore a new city, then we can definitely recommend the city of Cologne. Cologne is the biggest city in the state of Northrhein-Westfalia, and it is the fourth biggest city in Germany. You can reach the central station in Cologne in just 20 minutes from the train station in Bergisch Gladbach, meaning it really isn’t such a long journey for such an exciting experience. Right outside the Cologne central station, you’ll find the magnificent Cologne Cathedral, and just past that you will come across the famous shopping street, Hohe Straße. Here, there is a huge variety of shops for you to choose from when shopping with a pretty escort by your side. Some of our Cologne-based escorts also offer in-call visits, so maybe you can hit two birds with one stone and visit one of those during your exploration of Cologne. You can find out who offers in-call visits on our girls’ pages.

Contact escort Bergisch Gladbach

We hope the above information has given you enough inspiration to plan a truly unforgettable date with one of our gorgeous escorts in Bergisch Gladbach. Once you have picked a girl (we know, it’s not easy!), then you need to call us on +49 (0)1577-2445232 or send us an email to Our girls can’t wait to meet you!