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Home visits and hotel visits in Leverkusen

Our Escort Service can offer you some of the sexiest girls that Leverkusen has to offer. Regardless of whether you want to go clubbing, go to a posh restaurant, a museum, the cinema, or, of course, just spend a bit of sweet one-to-one time in your hotel room, our girls are desperate to satisfy your manly needs. When your date has been confirmed by us, your sexy escort girl will be on her way and should be with you within 30-60 minutes – so make sure you are ready for the time of your life!

Escorts for home and office visits

You can have one of our gorgeous girls visit you at home, or even at your office – particularly if you need some form of relieve after a hard day at work. If you want a pretty escort girl to visit you at home or at the office, then you need to tell us the gorgeous girl’s name, and you also need to tell us how long you would like to have her next to you. We also require your name, or the name on the doorbell, the property address, and a landline number. In order to confirm your date, we will call you back on the landline number. Don’t worry if you don’t have a landline number – in such cases, we will ask you for a copy of a utility bill from the property, such as an electricity, gas or telephone bill. This is so that we can make sure our escort girls are safe. Once your date has been confirmed, then get ready – the gorgeous escort girl of your choice is now on her way to you.

Escorts for Hotel Visits

Don’t live in Leverkusen? Then you need to find a hotel, regardless of whether you are here for personal reasons or for business purposes. If you want a horny escort girl to come and visit you in your hotel room, then you need to tell us your first or last name, the name of the hotel and your room number. As with private visits, you, of course, also need to tell us the name of the lucky lady you have chosen, as well as how long you would like her to stay. To confirm the date, we will call you back on the phone in your hotel room. When this has been done, our escort girl will be on her way to you and should arrive within 30-60 minutes, depending on where she is coming from. So you better get ready for a steamy night of passion!

Nice hotels in Leverkusen

There are many hotels for you to choose from in Leverkusen, meaning it could be hard for you to decide where to spend the night with your GFE escort girl. To make things that little bit easier (so you can concentrate on the more erotic side of things), we have put together a small list of hotels that we can recommend:

Kasino Hotel

Kasino Hotel, located on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 3, is most certainly one of the more luxurious hotels available in Leverkusen, as a four-star hotel. Not only is the hotel perfect for private stays, but it also offers conference rooms, meaning you can have your important meeting before meeting up with a tall escort girl to wind down. The hotel can be reached by catching the train to the Leverkusen Chempark station, and you will find the hotel along the edge of the Carl-Duisberg-Park. You could always also go for a romantic walk with your chosen lucky girl in the park, unless you want to get straight down to business in your hotel room.

Best Western Hotel Leverkusen

Best Western Hotel Leverkusen from Am Büchelter Hof 11 street, is located just 500m from the central station in Leverkusen and has a 24-hour reception. All hotel rooms, both comfort and deluxe, offer free minibars, meaning you don’t even have to leave your room when your hot date arrives. The hotel also has a pool and sauna, and you can also book a massage or two – the perfect way to get hot and sweaty with your redhead escort girl before heading back upstairs and locking your hotel room door. And if that’s not enough, the hotel also has a wonderful restaurant – LEO’s Steakhouse. So once you arrive at the hotel, you have everything you need to have a wonderful and, if you would like, sexual experience with one of Leverkusen’s hottest escorts.

Ibis Hotel Leverkusen

Ibis Hotel from Lichstraße 72, is located in the city centre – perfect for those who fancy doing something in the city with their gorgeous girl before heading back to their hotel room. The hotel is good value for your money, and there is even a bar downstairs where you can have a few drinks with your porn star girl before heading upstairs.

Go for a candlelit dinner with Escort Leverkusen

If you would rather spend some time with one of our sweets escort girls over a bottle of wine in a fine restaurant, then that is also possible in Leverkusen. The city has many varied restaurants on offer, so we have put together a small list of recommendations of restaurants that may suit your needs:

Steakhaus ANGUS

Steakhaus ANGUS (Alkenrather Str. 6, 51377 Leverkusen) is a fantastic steakhouse found slightly in the outskirts of the city – but it is well worth the journey! Steakhaus ANGUS offers some of the most delicious steaks in the whole of town, and also at reasonable prices. There are also vegetarian options, so everybody will find something that they enjoy. The steakhouse offers a variety of drinks, including local beers, so why not try out some of it out? On a nice summer’s evening, you can also wine and dine your anal escort Leverkusen outside, as the restaurant has an outdoor seating area.

Pantanal Rodizio

Pantanal Rodizio (Altstadtstraße 5, 51379 Leverkusen-Opladen) is found to the north of Leverkusen, in the city area known as Opladen. Opladen has its own train station, so it is easy to reach. Pantanal Rodizio offers the most delicious dishes, from steaks to fish, and also some vegetarian options. The restaurant most certainly has a Brazilian flair to it, so it’s perfect for those who fancy something a little bit different to the usual wine-and-dine experience. To end the date in the restaurant, you can take some desserts from the restaurant’s dessert buffet – that way you can really get your sweet tooth in the right mood for something a little bit sweeter later on with your role play escort Leverkusen.

China Restaurant Jasmin

China Restaurant Jasmin (Kalkstraße 124, 51377 Leverkusen) is located to the south of Leverkusen in the city area known as Manfort, where there is also a train station. As you can tell by the name, China Restaurant Jasmin offers Chinese dishes, which are absolutely delicious. You will be amazed at the variety of dishes you can choose from on their menu – from noodles to beef to duck to vegetarian, and of course some sweet desserts! At certain times in the year, there is also a lunch buffet, which is great for those who want their wine-and-dine experience to go a little quicker if there’s something important you have to do with your verbal erotic escort Leverkusen afterward.

Leverkusen’s Nightlife

Perhaps you are a person who would rather get hot, close and personal to your chosen top escort Leverkusen, and the best way to do that is in a club? Why not also go for a few drinks beforehand in one of Leverkusen’s many bars? Here are some of our recommendations of bars and clubs that Leverkusen has to offer you:


Stilbruch (Augustastr. 5, 51379 Leverkusen) is a fantastic bar found in the city centre of Leverkusen. On some nights, they have events, such as poetry and music night – so we recommend you research in advance if there are any events happening. The bar offers a variety of drinks, from the classier wines to the typical beers you usually find in the region, the best place to have a drink with a MILF escort from our Agency.

Pille Sportbar & Biergarten

Pille Sportbar & Biergarten (Bismarckstraße 127, 51373 Leverkusen), as you can tell by the name, is a sports bar, where a lot of people come to, particularly before football matches in the nearby Bayarena. Perhaps you want to take your lucky girl to one of the football matches Leverkusen has to offer? We are certain she would be willing to go! Just don’t be shocked if you get one or two envious glares from other football supporters as you cheer a goal with your gorgeous latina escort girl.

Samara Lounge Club

Samara Lounge Club (Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 31, 51371 Leverkusen) is a brilliant club right near the central station of Leverkusen, meaning it is easily reachable. The club offers a lounge area where you can relax and chill over a few drinks with your big ass model, and when you are both ready, you can hit the dancefloor and get up close and personal to your owo escort girl. The club offers a variety of different club nights, from over 30s to Friday Dance Nights – so you are bound to have the time of your life regardless of what day you go!

Go shopping with Escort Leverkusen

Prefer something more chilled? Then we have you covered! Leverkusen is also a great place to go on shopping sprees, and so we have compiled a list of a couple of recommendations we have on where you can go shopping with an Eastern European escort right by your side:


The Rathaus-Galeria Leverkusen (Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 2, 51373 Leverkusen) is Leverkusen’s largest shopping center, found right in the city centre! You are spoilt for choice when it comes to the shops – from a variety of clothes shops, chocolate shops, jewelers, and more! The shopping centre also offers a variety of eating places, from cafes to sushi, Asian to Indian – you are sure to find something that will cleanse both yours and your ebony escort girl’s palate. And with it being in the city centre, there is nothing stopping you and your date from heading back to your hotel after a hard day on your feet.

Die Luminaden

Die Luminaden (Wiesdorfer Platz, 51373 Leverkusen) is referred to as “the heart of Leverkusen” and offers many different shopping opportunities for all needs. Spread out across two floors, there are 60 shops in total for you to choose from – not an easy choice at all! Why not head to one of the shops that sells perfume? You could treat your dominatrix escort girl with her favourite perfume. We are sure she would repay you with a little gift afterwards behind closed doors.

Discretion is important

We see privacy as being one of the most important aspects of the services we offer. Because of that, if a girl is visiting you in your hotel room, she will not speak to any of the hotel staff along the way, so as to not let anybody know the reason for her being there. If you want a girl to come and visit you at a private place, such as your home or your office, then your girl will always park around the corner so that nobody sees where she is going. If she travels to you by taxi, she will never get out of the taxi directly in front of your house or your office, because she doesn’t want anybody around to know about the sexual and erotic adventure you and her are about to experience behind locked doors. So we don’t want you to worry, and that’s why our escort girls our discreet during all types of visits.

Call Escort Service Leverkusen

To book your date with your chosen girl, you can either call us on +49 (0)1577-2445232 or you can email us at If you are eager and would like to hire one of our outcall or incall escort girls for the same day, then we recommend that you call us on the above number. That way, we can be sure that we get your date confirmed as soon as possible through the direct communication. We are open from 11 in the morning till 3 in the morning from Monday to Saturday, and on Sundays we are open from 11 in the morning till 1 in the morning. Our team is also able to speak English, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian, so we can make sure that we find you the best girl to suit your needs.

Now you have lots of information about what you could get up to with one of our beautiful girls. Have you also picked the girl you want to spend some time with? If not, then have a look on our website and decide! (We know how hard the decision is!) When you have finally made that all important choice, then give us a call at +49 (0)1577-2445232 or email us. We look forward to hearing from you, and our girls are looking forward to spending some sweet time with you.