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Escort Service Cologne

Welcome to our webpage! Our Escort Service is one of the best agencies in the Cologne city centre and surrounding areas, including Duesseldorf, Aachen and more. As one of the most affordable, yet high-quality escort agencies, we can offer you some of the city’s most beautiful girls. You have a choice between our many beautiful girls – from hot blondes to sexy brunettes, and many more. Feel free to browse their pages. We are certain that you will find the girl of your dreams with Escort Service Cologne. Have a browse on our website to find your perfect match!

Cheap and sexy escorts in Cologne

As one of the most reasonable escort agencies in Cologne and surrounding areas, we have received excellent customer feedback in terms of the services we offer and the coordination with customers and our escorts, as well as our competitive prices for what you get. Our main aim is to make you, our customer, as happy as can be. The rates of our sexy escorts are affordable and will no doubt come under your budget. Our escort service can offer you the best prices in Cologne.

Our escort girls in Cologne are the best choice if you are looking for a high class, high quality, honest and genuine visit from a beautiful escort model. The only aim of our sexy girls is to give you the very best company, be it with an intellectual conversation over a nice glass of wine in a cosy restaurant, or perhaps something a little more sexual behind closed doors – it’s your choice. Our escorts are able to visit you at your hotel, your private residence or your office, and some of them also offer dates in which you can visit their apartments in the city of Cologne. But, regardless of where you meet, one thing is for sure – each and every one of our sexy escorts is willing to provide you with a very sensual and erotic experience that you will most certainly never forget. Keep reading to find out more.

Great selection of escorts Cologne

What do you like in a girl? Do you prefer blonde or brunette? Mature Escort or younger? Perhaps you would like a girl who you can have a good conversation and a good laugh with over a drink? Or perhaps you are into something a little more sensual and exciting? Regardless of your preference, we are sure that our Escort Service Cologne has the right girl for you.

We have a great selection of girls from you to choose from: from GFE Escorts and champagne-lovers, to tall girls and girls who love to give massages – we are confident that you will find the girl of your dreams. Our girls are some of the most beautiful, elegant, sexy and talkative girls in Cologne, and they are all ready to meet and have fun with you. Take a look at the pages of our escort girls to find the perfect one to accompany you for the evening. It’s a difficult choice, that’s for sure!

Hotels visits and home visits in Cologne

Our escorts at Escort Service Cologne are the perfect way to take things one step further on a night out in Cologne and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for a girl to have dinner with, spend some time in your hotel room with, or even visit one of Cologne’s world-famous exhibition fairs with, our girls are ready to have some with fun with you. Our escort service specialises in hotel visits and you can expect a visit from one of our girls within 30-60 minutes after you have called us and the appointment has been confirmed.

Hotel visits

When you book an appointment for a hotel visit, you need to let us know the name of the escort girl that you would like to get a visit from, and how long you want the visit to last. You also need to inform us of the name of the hotel you are staying in, along with your hotel room number and your first or last name – so our girls can find you easily and the hot date can get underway without any delays. To confirm the date, our escort service receptionist will call you back on the phone in your hotel room, and then your escort will make her way to see you, so make sure that you’re ready for a sexy visit.

Visits to your home or office

Our girls are willing to come and visit you at your home or at your office. When you book an appointment for a home or office visit, you need to let us know the name of the girl that you would like to get a visit from, as well as how long you would like her visit to last. You will also need to tell us your address, the name that your escort girl will find on the doorbell and a landline number. We will call you back on the landline number to confirm your date, and when that is done, you should get ready, because your hot date is on her way. If you do not have a landline number, we will request a copy of a utility bill of the property, so we can be sure that our escorts are safe.

Discreet visits from a sexy escort

Privacy is of utmost importance to us, and that’s why our sexy girls make sure their visits are not only fun and exciting, but also discreet. Our sexy escorts will not stray as they visit you in a hotel and they will not speak to the reception staff about their visit – they will head straight to you as you wait for them in your hotel room. In cases of private visits, our escorts will never park their car or get out of a taxi directly in front of your home or office, so your neighbours will not be aware of your exciting date ahead. Our escorts know exactly how to be quiet and discreet about the entire arrangement.

So, are you ready to book the best time of your life? Give us a call at +49 (0)1577-2445232 or send us an email at to book an appointment with one of our beautiful Cologne escorts. We are open daily from 11 am to 3 am, and 11 am to 1 am on Sundays, and we are able to speak German, English, Italian, Russian and Spanish. If you would like to book a date for the same day, we recommend that you call us, so that we can deal directly with your appointment and make sure that it is confirmed at short notice. But, before you call or send us an email to book an appointment, don’t forget to decide where you would like your date to visit you, and, most important, don’t forget to pick out your favourite escort girl! Feel free to browse the list of our stunning girls to find out more about them, from their height and eye colour, to their favourite drinks and their sexual preferences.

Escort Service Cologne > Hotel Recommendations

We are very happy to recommend to you some of Cologne’s finest hotels, from small luxurious hotels to business hotels all around the city. Here is just a small list to give you an idea of some of the many hotels which have been tried and tested by us:

The Excelsior Hotel Ernst

The Excelsior is the city’s only 5-star luxury hotel, and it is located right in the city centre, opposite the magnificent Cologne Cathedral. We highly recommend the sauna and fitness of the hotel, found on the sixth floor, where you can relax and revitalise your body with one of our sexy escort girls right next to you. The hotel is located at Trankgasse 1-5, 50667 Cologne

Hyatt Regency Cologne

Hyatt is located near Cologne Deutz, which is walking distance from the Koelnmesse trade fair. We recommend this hotel for customers who may have had a hard day on their feet at the trade fair who may need a beautiful girl to help wind down by having an intellectual chat about the day’s happenings over dinner, followed by a trip to the sauna and then a trip to the hotel room. The address of the hotel is Kennedy-Ufer 2A, 50679 Cologne

The Chelsea Hotel

The Chelsea Hotel is located in the popular Belgian part of the city, and is just a 10-minute walk away from the famous sights in Cologne’s Old Town. The hotel has a total of 39 rooms, including 4 suites. Within just a 5-minute walk from the hotel, you are spoilt for choice with the selection of bars and restaurants – a perfect place to unwind and have some fun next to one of our beautiful escorts.You can find the hotel on Jülicher Straße 1, 50674 Cologne

Wine and dine with one of our gorgeous escort girls

Perhaps you would prefer to first take one of the escorts for dinner instead of meeting in a private place or hotel? That gives you the perfect opportunity to truly get into a good conversation with her, and it could also be a good starting point for an exciting night ahead of you both. Here is a small selection of the fine restaurants that Cologne has to offer:

The Hanse Stube Restaurant can be found inside the Excelsior Hotel Ernst, as mentioned above, and is therefore a fantastic choice if you don’t want to have a long journey back to your hotel room with your sexy escort Cologne. The restaurant boasts an elegant menu, from fish and meat dishes to vegetarian dishes and desserts. Why not try out something from the gourmet menu? With it, you can get an exquisite 4-course meal for just 98 euros. Don’t forget the wine for a truly special and intimate one-to-one with your beautiful call girl.

The Wartesaal Am Dom located on Johannisstraße 11, is a splendid restaurant and can be found right next to the central train station. The menu is very diverse, from soups and fish, to meat to vegetarian options, as well a very big wine menu. There’s even a selection of desserts to give that special sweet touch to the end of a hot date with your gorgeous escort girl. Well, that is, if you don’t decide to take her somewhere more private to continue the date.

La Societe is a fantastic restaurant for those who enjoy fine dining. A main course costs on average 41 euros. The restaurant is located outside of the city centre near the underground and tram station Dasselstr./Bahnhof Süd (Dasselstraße/South Train Station) in Cologne, which is approximately 8 minutes away from the Cologne central train station by tram. With friendly staff and the most impeccable delicacies, La Societe is the best choice for those wanting to escape the city and enjoy a quiet and charming dinner with a beautiful escort lady. The address of the restaurant is Kyffhaeuserstr. 53, 50674 Cologne.

Nightlife in Cologne

So, you have wined and dined your sexy escort girl – if you’re not quite ready to end the date yet, then it’s time to experience Cologne’s nightlife. The nightlife in Cologne is exciting and has something to offer for every music preference, from jazz and reggae, to techno and pop. There are also hundreds of bars, restaurants and breweries to choose from. In fact, there is no other city in Germany that has as many pubs per capita as Cologne. After you have chosen the perfect place to spend the evening and night, be it a quiet night at a bar with some drinks, or a wild night at a huge club, be sure you have called our Escort Service and booked one of the stunning girls from our agency! Here are some of our recommendations of bars and clubs where you can truly spend a fun night with one of our girls:

Club Triple A located on Mittelstraße 12-14, 50672 Cologne, is a huge club located in the city centre, close to Rudolfplatz underground station and the Neumarkt tram station. Triple A is perfect for you if you like to party the night away. With a variety of different party nights every weekend, the club is great for forgetting the week and partying the night away and with an elegant escort Cologne by your side.

Ona Mor Bar located on Roonstraße, 50674 Cologne, is a good choice for those who prefer something a little quieter than a club night. With their slogan “The art of fine drinks”, Ona Mor offers a variety of exciting drinks, including some of their very own signature cocktails. The price of cocktails ranges from around 9 euros to around 14 euros, and they also offer other fine drinks, such as whiskeys, rums and other spirits. Have a drink next to one of our hot escorts!

You find Gaffel by the Cathedral on Bahnhofsvorplatz 1, 50667 Cologne. Located directly opposite the Cologne central station – perfect for your escort lady if she is visiting you by train. Gaffel am Dom is a brewery and is a brilliant way to try some Cologne-made beer in a very typical German pub. You can also try out some of Germany’s delicacies, whilst having a wonderful conversation about your evening plans with your discreet escort Cologne.

Go out to shopping with Escort Cologne

If you are the kind of man who would rather do something with your companion, other than eating and drink, then why not start off the date with a shopping trip with your choice of gfe escort Cologne? Cologne offers a huge variety of shopping opportunities where you can spend time with a sexy woman right by your side. Here is a small sample of the possible shopping locations you could take your beautiful date to:

Hohe Straße Cologne

Cologne’s famous Hohe Straße is an absolute must for those wanting a shopping tour alongside a beautiful escort girl. It is even said that Hohe Straße is the most popular shopping street in the whole of Germany. The stunning Cologne Cathedral is located at the south side of the street, and there is a huge variety of shops to explore, with many smaller streets coming off it either side where you can have a quick shopping break with a coffee and a conversation with your sensual escort Cologne.

Rhein-Center Cologne

Rhein-Center located on Aachener Str. 1253, 50858 Cologne, is a huge shopping centre waiting to be explored by you and your pretty escort girl. Though it is based on the outskirts of Cologne, it is perfect for those who want to escape a busy city, but still enjoy a large range of shopping opportunities. There is also a food court where you can sit and have lunch or dinner after a busy day, next to your escort Cologne, and perhaps discuss where you can both continue the date later.

Cologne Arcaden

Cologne Arcaden located on Kalker Hauptstrasse 55, 51103 Cologne, is situated on the east side of the River Rhine, near to the Kalk Post underground station and the Trimbornstr. Train and tram station. With over 110 shops, as well as a variety of cafes and restaurants, Cologne Arcaden is another fantastic choice for those who wish to primarily go on a shopping spree with some sexy call girl.

Call Escort Service Cologne today

We hope this information has been helpful for you in helping you decide what to do with your future date. Now all you need to do is choose who your escort will be! If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either by phone +49 (0)1577-2445232 or by email . If you have decided which of our sexy escorts you would like to have visit you and you have decided where you would like the date to take place, then what are you waiting for? Get in touch and get your appointment booked with your favourite girl now!